Yanda Tan


Yanda is an artist at heart, he designs, curates, dabbles into publishing, edits journals for The Design Society, design writes sometimes and even codes. He is the founder and creative director of DO NOT DESIGN and also runs DEAR, a media conglomerate comprising of a printed magazine, online and a broadsheet.

Over the past decade, DO NOT DESIGN has helped many brands build unique personalities through our strategic storytelling and imaginative solutions. As a multi-disciplinary design studio, creative agency, content creator and brand strategy firm, DO NO DESIGN help their customers craft unique experiences that are always relatable to their audience and never boring - which is what matters. Whether it is print, digital or physical spaces, Yanda does not just design. he makes things come alive.

In 2011, Yanda curated ‘I have a room with everything’ – a graphic design exhibition dedicated solely to the art of print with the idea of bringing an empty room to life with rich and rare printed materials. Featuring the likes of such rare printed materials are works from design studios, publishers and publications all around the world.


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